Our Mission is to Develop, Market and Sell More Affordable Life-Saving Products for Cancer Patients

Onco-Generics - Exact copies of approved oncology drugs for EU market initially, then sell in the USA and other countries. 

Onco-Betters - Active ingredient of the drug or protein is re-formulated in a patented formulation, to sell in USA, Europe, and all other countries.

Onco-Biologics - Recombinant protein like EPO for anemia, developed and sold in North American, Latin American, Israel, and European countries.

Onco-Mabs - Recombinant protein monoclonal antibody ("Mab") like Rituxan that selectively binds to and kills cancer cells, developed and sold in all major markets.

Onco-NCEs - Drugs, Proteins, or other "new chemical entitites" or molecules that bind and inhibit cancer that are licensed from Universities or other Institutions.