Who We Are


Anew Oncology, Inc. (“Anew”, “AOI”, or the Company) is a private, commercial-stage specialty oncology company founded with a vision to build a portfolio of more affordable, life-saving medicines for cancer patients around the world. Lower cost, more affordable and life-saving drugs are now an imminent reality in the global oncology market due to prior and upcoming patent expirations on several blockbuster anti-cancer drugs. Unlike other “generic drugs”, generic oncology drugs hold their value and their profit margins due to the requirement for special “high containment” manufacturing facilities, minimized competition in this therapeutic area, and the ongoing “drug shortages” of many of these life-saving generic drug products. This reality, coupled with ever increasing pressure and demand for more competitively priced oncology products signals a considerable emerging new commercial opportunity. Anew Oncology has positioned itself to be at the forefront of this opportunity by establishing a competitive pipeline of branded Onco-generics, Onco-Betters and Onco-Biologic products, whose success has been plotted and is driven by a highly motivated and experienced management team executing on the commercial launch programs and the drug development plans. Experts at product launch and marketing in international markets guarantees success outside the US and Europe. 

Oncology Drug Market

The global market for oncology products is enormous, currently estimated at over $42 Billion in annual sales and projected to increase at a 12% annual rate. The market value of products losing patent protection and falling off the “patent cliff” over the next few years is similarly attractive, estimated at over $12 Billion, providing Anew with a vast number of re-formulated drug product opportunities for its portfolio. The current Onco-Biologics market including EPO and Filgrastim exceeds $5B in annual global sales, and Anew Oncology is aggressively targeting the Onco-Mabs market which currently exceeds $14 Billion in annual sales. 

Our Mission is to Develop, Market and Sell More Affordable Life-Saving Products for Cancer Patients

Currently headquartered in New York, NY, with affiliate offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Washington D.C, Anew Oncology, Inc. has established an operational presence in Europe (London U.K. and Hamburg Germany) via    Anew Oncology Ltd. and plans to have affiliate offices in Mumbai, India, Tel Aviv Israel, and Seoul, South Korea.