Anew Oncology's management teamis highly experienced in the oncology business and is busy securing exclusive relationships with qualified suppliers to acquire, launch, and sell our own branded generic oncology drugs called “Onco-generics” whose patents have expired in North America, Europe, Israel, Latin America, and other key markets. The Company has set up operations in Europe and is preparing to launch and generate revenue from several approved generic oncology drugs that we own starting in Q4 2013. These are “mainstay” cancer drugs that are in short supply in the U.S., and we plan to use the EU-approved dossiers and file for an expedited regulatory approval by FDA in the U.S. and help to mitigate the critically-important cancer drug supply shortages facing this Nation. Our international team has marketed and sold oncology pharmaceuticals in all major markets as well as emerging markets such as South Korea, Eastern Europe, Israel and the Middle East, North Africa, Mexico and South American countries, Australia, Asia and Pan-Pacific countries.  




Onco-Generics generate near-term revenues in the US, Europe and other markets while we fund the development of Onco-Betters and Onco-Biologics by accessing the capital markets via an initial public offering. 

Beyond The Box

Onco-Biologics and Onco-Mabs take Anew Oncology into a diversified, international biopharmaceutical class that is to be emulated by others but copied by few. These are billion dollar assets to be sold at responsible margins. 

Forward Thinking

Major blockbuster drugs coming off patent in 3-4 years are being re-formulated into Onco-Betters that require minimal clinical development and provide a huge financial advantage for Anew.

Mission Statement

We are driven by the global need for more affordable, life-saving drugs used in the treatment of cancer and for treating the side-effects of cancer chemotherapy.

Our Mission is to Develop, Market and Sell More Affordable Life-Saving Products for Cancer Patients

Onco-Generics, Onco-Betters, Onco-Biologics and Onco-Mabs

Provide the Solid Foundation for Near-Term Revenue Growth and Long-Term Value Creation.